Specifically for women dealing with hair loss/ Alopecia of all types. Women are privately consulted with all of their needs and questions being addressed in a one on one intimate setting. Together, both stylist and guest, will come up with a style solution to help you become your best you while coping with alopecia. During private session stylist will go over diet, nutrition goals in relation to hair care and product preference. Stylist will also cover healthy alternatives to regrow hair. 

Silk Press

Silk Press: A silk press is a new age alternative to a traditional press and curl. With a traditional press and curl, the hot comb is warmed up then used to press your hair to get it straight. Most of the time grease, or some greasy, waxy like substance is used to help get the hair straight. This can leave the hair extremely heavy, limp, lifeless and with that ” hot comb” odor that we are all familiar with. A silk press gives natural hair the look & feel that it has been relaxed and helps to prolong the the time in between relaxers. Unlike a traditional press, where the pressing comb is required, with a silk press the pressing comb is optional. A ceramic flat iron is used however using the pressing comb ensures that your hair will not revert as quickly. Heat protectant is used as well as a silkening serum that prevents heat damage. Also, absolutely no grease is used with a silk press leaving the hair soft, weightless with luster, shine and body! 

DE Strengthening Therapy

Design Essentials strengthening therapy System is a replenishing thermal reconditioning system that transforms frizzy,transitioning,chemically treated and naturally curly hair into silky,smooth,perfectly conditioned, frizz free hair without the use of formaldehyde or harsh chemicals. This system is ideal for all hair types and great for those transitioning from relaxed to natural. This system provides greater manageability, maximum smoothness, reduces swelling and lasts up to 12wks. Treatment is NOT a relaxer or smoothing system and hair can be worn in it natural state once submersed in water. This system helps to make natural hair and transitioning hair more manageable while deeply replenishing.

Micro Loop 

This strand by strand method allows individual hair extensions to be attached to your hair using a small undetectable bead. The bead is then clamped together, holding everything in place. There is no glue or heat with this method. Every six weeks it is advised to get your extensions adjusted to prolong the longevity. During the adjusting beads are secured close to scalp.Micro loops are for versatility, volume and length without the bulk and tension of braids.Recommend for silky, fine textures. Guests should return to stylist to have them removed.

No Tension Additions

For guests seeking volume and length but have coarser textures. Micro loops are used as a base for extensions and wefted extensions are sewn to the beads.Allowing for a seamless, no tension addition. Guests should return to stylist to have them removed. 

Moisturizing Treatment

Hydrated Moisture hair mask. great for dehydrated hair.

Reconstructive Treatment

Protein enriched treatment for damaged, brittle hair.

Silkening Treatment

Silkening spray that reduces frizz, swelling and increases manageability. Helps Silk presses and flat irons to last longer. Lasts until next service. Can be used on Natural or relaxed hair.